My Hosting Conundrum: Follow Up

This is nothing more than a short follow up on my earlier post.

Not much has been done over the past “while”. I’m still hosting with Rackspace Cloud, and that looks to be where I am going to stay for the time being. Moving stuff at the moment would be a huge hassle, and it is just not a priority at the moment. The extra bandwidth and middle-RAM step would be nice over at Linode, but for now I will not be moving.

I also am keeping my email hosted over with Google Apps. I’ve been looking at paying for Google Apps for Business, but I cannot justify the cost for what I use the accounts for (mainly email). I would love to be able to host my own little Mac mini with Lion Server and run my mail from there, but it would require me to pay twice as much for Comcast Business Class Internet so I could get the static IPs. Not going to happen any time soon.

I was looking at Atmail Cloud as well, and I like their offering, but can’t afford to pay $40/month to get 10 user accounts, of which I need only two (that’s the minimum that provides ActiveSync for push mail to my iOS devices). If anyone finds an Atmail provider that does a per-user fee for hosted email (with own domain), let me know.

So, that’s the update. Staying put, but plans are in the works to double the RAM in the current server to alleviate some issues with low resources. Apache + PHP will do that to you.