Pre-Announcement Announcement: Deck78

I pre-announced it today on Twitter so I thought I’d do the same thing here just to make it a little more “official.”

I purchased the domain for Deck78 (or Deck 78 or deck78 … whatever) today and Deck78 is going to be the kindred spirit of Replosion, my prior failed adventure into owning a business (and may it live in peace).

More information will be coming in the future.

Also, an imaginary cookie to the people who can figure out the reference in the name.



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2 responses to “Pre-Announcement Announcement: Deck78”

  1. marcus Avatar

    Is yours? And if so why is it asking for offline storage access?

    1. Bob Martens Avatar

      Yes, and because I’m using a responsive design boilerplate at the moment.

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