Star Trek Vanguard


A few years back I started reading the Star Trek Vanguard series. Sadly, I did not keep up with the series and so I had three books left …

… luckily, Amazon sells used books. Amazon sells them so I feel an odd obligation to buy them.

After I have the books in my possession, then it is a race against the clock to finish them as quickly as possible. Sadly, that means some late night as I try to plow through as much of the book as I can before my eyes glaze over and I fall asleep in the chair I am sitting in.

However, after reading the entire series, I can say that this is the best original Star Trek fiction I have read … maybe ever.

Here are the books from Amazon:

I really do recommend the entire series, and do read it in order. Somehow, the authors crafted a self-contained story within the confines of The Original Series which is both grounded within TOS (by bringing in Kirk and the Enterprise at the right moments) while still giving itself enough room to create excellent characters with excellent relationships.

One of the unique things about the Vanguard series is the role civilians have in the story. They don’t seemed tacked-on and play a vital role within the story. Not just comedic relief, but actually pushing ahead the story and relationships among the characters.

Overall, it is a fantastic story based on a station and the attached ships. I can easily recommend it to anyone who enjoys Star Trek: The Original Series and would like some light reading.


Star Wars Gets Its Director

And it is … J.J. Abrams!

Lucas and AbramsI don’t really know what to think of this. The director behind the new version of Star Trek (including Star Trek Into Darkness) has now been confirmed as the director for Star Wars VII. It really is an extremely conflicting feeling. While I don’t feel betrayed in any way (understanding that Abrams has declared himself a huge Star Wars fan), it does make me a little scared for what is going to happen to future Star Trek movies.

I’m certain that the next Star Wars film will be a ton of fun, but I can’t help but imagine this means that Abrams will have much less involvement in the Trek franchise since he will be spending a ton of time with Star Wars. Who is going to take the helm from here? Will this delay any further Star Trek movies?

There are just a ton of questions outside of the singular one of whether it is good for the same man to direct both Star Trek and Star Wars movies. Of that I really don’t care all that much. I’m more worried that this will mean a serious blow to Star Trek right when it seemed to be getting some wind back in its sails.


Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer

Star Trek XII

The first trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness has been released. Go watch it.

I’m excited, really excited.