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  • Thanks Joe

    I have had the privilege to follow the entirety of Joe Mauer’s career with the Minnesota Twins, which is to say his entire career. From the prodigy to the elder statesman on my favorite sports team, Joe has been nothing but a professional. I have felt more sadness over his (potential) pending retirement than I […]

  • Following the Loons

    I did not follow soccer at all growing up. However, with Minnesota United FC starting its second season and my oldest son showing a little bit of an interest in soccer, it has been fun to watch the game a little more closely and start following the local team as well. It was also a […]

  • Twins make the right call!

    Article: Ryan back in GM role as Twins replace Smith This is the move that needed to happen. I was cheering for anything less than 100 losses this year, and luckily the Twins were able to stick with only 99 losses and a terrible, wasted season of disappointment, injury, and false hopes. Getting Terry Ryan […]

  • The Season that Stunk

    I don’t think it is a stretch to consider the 2011 season for the Minnesota Twins nothing less than a complete and total failure. No sugar-coating it, especially after running over the AL Central last year, but this year was terrible. The team, from top to bottom, was various kinds of terrible. I’m going to […]