Tag: Religion

  • A Nice Addition to Campus

    Over Easter break, a new addition was moved into place on campus. The statue has been hidden away for a number of months but finally has taken its place on campus. I have commented to a number of people that I enjoy being able to walk past the statue each morning as I head into […]

  • 1 Timothy 1

    I do not think I was quite aware of how much good, actionable insight the first chapter of 1 Timothy (CSB) contained. Passage after passage is succinct, but infinitely applicable to all types of ministry, personal or otherwise. The two epistles to Timothy are books I spent more time with when I was actively preparing […]

  • iOS Bible Applications

    One habit I let go of after college has been reading the Bible, just myself, every day. I had my Bible on the shelf right ┬ánext to my bed and would spend about fifteen minutes reading a section of scripture before I would go to sleep. It helped to ground me and center me. Sadly, […]

  • Bach and the Lutheran Legacy

    There are not too many things better than mixing together faith and music. Toss in possibly my favorite all-time composer and you have me hooked. You can find the whole documentary on YouTube, but I’ll embed the first part here and link to the all six below. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 […]