The First Days with MacBook

Another Mac has been added to the fold.

MacBook GroupI was given the opportunity to procure a used MacBook to add to my stable of computing devices and I decided to go ahead and do so. I have had my eyes on a super small Mac since 2010 when I was sitting in an Apple Genius training facility with a group of new Genius candidates from various stores and watched the relaunch of the MacBook Air. The 11-inch MacBook Air always intrigued me because of how small and light it was and how portable the machine would be compared to even the 13-inch MacBook Pro I was more accustomed to.

So, now I have this supplementary Mac meant only for using away from my normal desks and being as portable as possible. So, here are my uninformed and premature thoughts.

  • It is just fast enough. I know that this machine is going to be resource constrained, so I am trying to be purposeful in what I actually end up loading onto this device (applications) and what things I end up doing on here (tasks).
  • The keyboard continues to grow on me. I was fearful that I would hate it, but I do not. Definitely in the top half of keyboards I have used on laptops. The biggest thing is that it is super solid, I will continue to adjust my typing to accommodate the lack of typing distance.
  • I am still sold on the idea that USB-C is the future, but right now that future is confusing. I am hopeful that the future will bring better multi-port USB-C chargers, more and cheaper cables, and better adapters. As of right now, I am probably going to be trying out some of the cheaper ones all around.
  • For what I will use this machine for … one port is fine.
  • This. Thing. Is. Tiny. I am shocked with how small it is … but it is an astonishing how light it feels. Perfect as a portable.

I will have more to say in the future, but this is an amazing device. As to where it will ultimately fit in my computing landscape … I have no idea.