Bob Speaks Technology

Episode 5: My Setup

I’m talking about my setup tonight. Focusing on simplifying it again so that I don’t spend quite so much time administering to the disparate pieces.

I apologize for the poor speaking voice this evening, something wasn’t quite sitting right in my throat.


Project Sputnik

Some of the best news I’ve heard for Linux in some time, Dell has announced that they will be selling their Project Sputnik laptop for developers this fall (link to The Verge article).

This is pretty cool. It essentially marries a Dell XPS 13 with Ubuntu 12.04 and is primarily aimed at web or “cloud” developers. I’m interested to see how it does and if Dell will expand the product line to encompass more devices.

Business Technology

Billion Dollar Red Hat

Red Hat released its quarterly earnings and earnings for the prior fiscal year and it is all good news.

Congrats to Red Hat on passing the $1,000,000,000 per year revenue threshold. I wish I would have invested when the market bottomed-out.

Preponderance of Choice

While coming in early to deal with a kernel panic, I thought of all of the different distributions of Linux that I have tried over the years. I’m guessing I’m sitting around 10 or so.

That’s a pretty small number of distributions when compared to the number available.

However, I have fallen into a pattern when choosing recently and it really comes down to only two choices: CentOS or Ubuntu.

It’s funny. I have no love for Unity as a window environment, but I still recommend Ubuntu to anyone who wants to get started. It’s not just the OS itself, but the support that it receives from the community and if you are going to run into problems, more than likely someone will have a solution for Ubuntu.

Even with what I consider a sub-par OS, the support availability will trump OS shortcomings.

It’s like Windows all over again!?

When faced with a number of choices, one needs to go to secondary concerns to make a final decisions. Apple fixed part of their problems by taking things “in house” and popping up Apple Stores all over the place to help with the support issue. Many times a decision can’t be made on the merits of the product itself, but on other factors included with the product you are looking at.

Server Monitoring with New Relic

I have been looking for a hosted server monitoring system for a while and have been using AppFirst for the past three months. They have worked pretty well, but then I heard that New Relic just launched their own server monitoring service for free!


So I have it installed on my web server and it is working very well. I think I’m going to stick with them for the foreseeable future just to keep tabs on memory usage patterns.