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  • The Shame of the Motorola Sale

    I’m not going to comment much on the actual sale of Motorola Mobility to Lenovo or why Google has done it … not really that interesting to me and the rest of the internet is handling that part quite well/horribly. However, this is the end for one of the true pioneers of the mobile space. […]

  • Google (and Gmail) is Google+

    File this one under the Just Be Aware category. Also, yes, this is more sour grapes about Google from me. You should be used to this by now. Google has announced, and The Verge has reported and clarified, a new “feature” that will be introduced into Gmail in the coming days. It basically boils down […]

  • Google Reader Replacements

    As has been known for a few months, Google is shutting down Google Reader on July 1. Sadly, no clear alternative has come out for me … or at least, not a complete solution to replace my reliance on Google Reader + Reeder. As such, I am just going to outline, briefly, what I have […]

  • Google Glass

    J. D. Bentley over at Digital Asceticism pretty much mirrors my initial reaction to Google Glass from what I have seen, heard, and read. One thing I had not put a lot of thought into is the why portion. He nails it pretty much on the head: But what’s notable about Google Glass is that […]

  • Google Killing Google Reader

    Good bye old friend. And like that, Google has decided to kill off Google Reader after 8 years. Google Reader is really what I cut my teeth on for RSS, and I’ve had the same account syncing my RSS subscriptions since then. First I worked with Google Reader in iGoogle (which they are also killing) […]