TextMate Updates File Browser

I still use TextMate 2 as my editor-of-choice.

Recently the pace of the updates has increased and some semi-major changes are being released into the open.

Build r9345 has this in the release notes:

File browser has a new navigation bar. This is work in progress. You can find most actions of the old bar in the Go menu (where you can also see the key equivalents). Presently missing is “Show Hidden Items”, a toolbar below the file browser will soon appear.

And it’s true!

TM2 File Browser

It is nice to see some of the visual refreshes coming into the editor. I’m waiting to see what they decide to do with the toolbar at the bottom and whatever else they might have in store. TextMate 2 has been the beneficiary of opening up its source to the world on GitHub.


Zeldman Writes Manifesto for 2012

Please go and read Jeffrey Zeldman’s Web Design Manifesto 2012.

Zeldman Orange

Read it on his site to make it extra special.


New Git Site

A new website for the Git was launched last week and it looks pretty great.

Along with the new site is some new branding as well. Overall, I think everything looks really great … but why not a responsive site?

Be True to the Web

James Weiner writes:

Furthermore, designing in-browser exposes mistaken assumptions at the earliest possible stage in a build. This means we fail quickly rather than expending effort on high fidelity mock-ups that were based on mistaken assumptions.

Who is James Weiner? Oh, he only works on the front end of GOV.UK, so he needs to worry about little things like accessibility and making the web work for everyone.

I’d say he is exactly right.

The Point of Responsive

Brad Frost wrote Responsive Web Design: Missing the Point and I recommend that you go ahead and take it all in. Pure gold.

I love this highlighted part:

The point of creating adaptive sites is to create functional (and hopefully optimal) user experiences for a growing number of web-enabled devices and contexts.