Is a PhD Worth It?

Is a PhD Worth It? by Chris Cornthwaite

As I continue working toward my own PhD I have found the discussion around the worth of a PhD to be interesting, if not terribly exciting. However, this specific article I think is well-balanced and, in the end, brings it all together with the fact that every educational endeavor’s worthiness is ultimately up to the individual.






2 responses to “Is a PhD Worth It?”

  1. Andrew Willems Avatar
    Andrew Willems

    To me, not enough positives to make it worthwhile–too many negatives or unsure results–though you could live in New Ulm for life if you get one!!!!!

    1. Bob Martens Avatar

      While the results are unsure, I think you can run into that regardless of the decision being made. I’m not sure this sticks me to one location, however. 🙂

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