You don’t have to live in public

You don’t have to live in public by Austin Kleon

It seems ridiculous to say, but 2013, the year I wrote the book, was a simpler time. Social media seemed much more benign to me. Back then, the worst I felt social media did was waste your time. Now, the worst social media does is cripple democracy and ruin your soul.

A lot of think about and digest in this one, and maybe a little bit of hyperbole at points, but there is a lot to like as well.






2 responses to “You don’t have to live in public”

  1. Curtis McHale Avatar

    Saw that this morning as well and have been thinking about my public life.

    1. Bob Martens Avatar

      I am thinking through what I want to be private and what to post as well. It was a good read, at the least, and is making me reconsider some things.

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