Tumbleweed Updated to GCC 5


Today’s Tumbleweed snapshot upgraded the rolling distro from GCC 4.8 to GCC 5!

It has been very quiet on the openSUSE Tumbleweed front for the past few weeks as efforts were put into recompiling the entire distribution against the newer version of GCC. This surfaced many errors and bugs that have been squashed by the community and today the greater openSUSE community is able to benefit from that effort.

Moving to GCC 5 is just another huge push from the Tumbleweed developers in a string of big changes for the distro. GNOME 3.16, KDE Plasma 5.3, and Linux Kernel 4.0 have all been pushed out in recent snapshots as well. This is a huge amount of effort from the developers in the community.

Thanks everyone!