Why openSUSE Next?

This dovetails off of my last post on what I would love to see from a SLE-based openSUSE.

So why might I be excited about a future openSUSE release built on top of a SUSE Linux Enterprise core?

Quite simply, it gives me a base to work from in two cases:

  1. A great, solid openSUSE to deploy in education/family situations where I want to have multiple years of support to work with without needing to pull everything out and redo it.
  2. A great, solid openSUSE to deploy as a server platform both at work and at home with the idea of putting it in place and being able to keep it running (with updates) for multiple years.

Totally selfish motives, I’ll admit. I like a lot of the tooling around openSUSE and it provides a nice continuum for people to move down: openSUSE Tumbleweed => openSUSE Next => SUSE Linux Enterprise. Free => Free => Paid (and up to 13 years of support on a single major release).

That’s really it.