A Month With Linux: Don’t Hold Your Breath

I have some friends who are going to roll their eyes at this post and then have a hearty laugh at my expense.

They probably have already laughed because they can quote this post verbatim. It is not outside of my normal behavior.

Basically, don’t hold your breath on me ever completing the “One Month With Linux” thing. If it ever happens, it is not going to be for a long while.

This does not mean, however, that I’ve settled on a single computing platform. Oh no, we could never have Bob finally settle on something and free that part of his consciousness for more important things! That would be too nice!

That’s for a different post.

So, I’m going to continue to count down the release of openSUSE 13.1 because this release is a test bed for what SUSE is going to do with SUSE Enterprise Linux 12 and I think it looks like an excellent release. I’m going to continue to use OS X, Linux and (gasp) sometimes even Windows because at least the first two have their strengths and weaknesses.

I won’t really talk much about Windows.