OpenVPN on iOS

OpenVPN Connect was released for iOS recently (January 17, 2013) … and I completely missed it.

OpenVPN Logo

I’m not sure how many people will be excited by this, but I know I am one. While the app won’t win any awards for design, it does do one thing really well:

It allows you to connect your iOS device to connect via VPN if you are using OpenVPN in your organization!

You have been able to do this in the past if you were willing to jailbreak your device, but I am unwilling to do that. However, now I don’t have to and it works really well. I am hoping that this will  mean I won’t need to take a laptop with me on some shorter trips just to handle any emergencies that pop up while I am away.

I’ll just connect via our OpenVPN server and then administrate on the servers from the comfort of my iPhone or iPad.

Not bad.