Just a Little Further

Andy Rutledge posted a wonderful article about a quote from Firefly that resonates quite strongly with him. You can find it there in the article and I recommend that you go ahead and read it so I won’t reproduce it here.

Firefly Crew

While I wouldn’t consider myself a Firefly superfan (as Rutledge does), I do very much enjoy the show and have always found the show to be somewhat inspiring in a very small way, and I think that the quote he pulled illustrates the reason why quite poignantly.

I would love to be as independent as possible, not really from my family or friends, but professionally and monetarily. This doesn’t require copious amounts of money, but it does require me to change the way I think about “work” and what I need to do to get things moving.

Just doing what needs to be done to stay ahead of the curve, to keep moving forward, to get just a little bit further, to keep moving ahead … that’s the idea. That’s the goal. It isn’t to go completely and totally independent with a house covered in gold, but to set a goal, meet that goal, get to the next day, week, month, year … you get the idea.

That needs to be my mindset. It is not about getting a lot further, but just a little bit.