Shifting Games

I’ve primarily been a gamer in a number of categories:

  • PC
  • Console
  • Handheld

There are benefits to all three of them, and downsides as well. Basically, my console and handheld gaming has been restricted to Nintendo devices while Windows is, obviously, the king of PC gaming.

As I get older, my time becomes more constrained and so I have had to shift my gaming time from the easily segmented three above to something more akin to this:

  • iOS
  • Console

I’ve ditched the only Windows box in my house and I don’t pull out the Game Boy Micro anymore either, mainly because I carry at least one iOS device with me everywhere I go … adding another seems wasteful.

However, that leaves a HUGE catalog of games that I just do not have access to anymore. It is sad to leave those games behind, but time is tight and decisions need to be made. I still have my Wii sitting in my basement, waiting for the day when I find a cheap TV to hook it up to (and maybe a chair or something downstairs). Will I get a new console soon? Probably not, as I have a catalog of Wii games to work through once people pick up the Wii U, but I will probably stick with Nintendo until they go out of business.

This keeps me from spending too much money on games I will never play on systems I really don’t have a use or a place for. It is interesting to see the shift … but that’s part of the fun of getting older.