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Changes at 5by5

5by5, Dan Benjamin’s podcast network, is one of my favorite things on the web. This past weekend Dan recorded a State of the Union for 2012 to announce some new things coming to 5by5. There are some pretty big changes coming, so hold on tight.

For as long as I can remember, two podcasts have topped the list within either Instacast or Those two are Hypercritical with John Siracusa and Build and Analyze with Marco Arment. Every week for the past couple of years I’ve spent hours listening to these two show and have enjoyed them very much.

Sadly, both of them are coming to an end quite soon.

Along with the move of The Talk Show, my top three podcasts have ended this year. That is quite saddening because I do tend to get attached to things I get into a habit of doing or listening to. I thank both Marco Arment and John Siracusa for their time and efforts, I have really enjoyed the shows.

However, it sounds like some new shows are right around the corner that I might be quite interested in.

The Crossover, where hosts from different shows get together to talk, sounds like something I will need to subscribe to. Big Week (no link) was announced earlier this year and I’m looking forward to that show as well. News panel shows can be great (and Dan as moderator sounds awesome). It also sounds like The Pipeline is going to be coming back … so an old favorite of mine is going to be coming back!

Finally, a huge thanks to Dan Benjamin for starting and running 5by5. It is a fantastic podcast network and I look forward to the podcasts every week.

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