Small Changes Making A Big Difference

Recently, my wife switched around our first-floor arrangements and this is all she did:

  • Moved the television from the main living room into our small porch on the front of the house.
  • Moved the rocking chair from the small porch to the main living room.
  • Moved a small table into the small porch to set the television on.
  • Moved the Wii, Airport Extreme (replaced with Time Capsule), DVD player, and large entertainment center into the basement (awaiting TV to setup on the large entertainment center … WAY in the future).
  • Removed all cables from the vent.

When you read through it, not a ton of stuff, but it has made enough of a difference in the house to make the whole place feel, well, cozier. It has minimized the television in the entire house (now relegated to a cozy little nook in the porch) but emphasized the baby grand piano in the main living room.

Small changes making a big difference.