Laptops vs Desktops Update

As a follow-up to my last post, I talked with a former boss today and he made a great point (and I’m going to be paraphrasing).

If you are going to purchase a laptop, please spend more money and get a business-class laptop from whatever manufacturer you are looking at. If you are really interested, look for things like the following:

  • If the laptop has a frame inside
  • What that frame is made out of
  • What the body of the laptop is made out of
  • If it has the ability to park the head of the hard drive when there are sudden motions
  • What the heat dissipation is like
  • What types of warranties you can get for the laptop

Usually, a business laptop will have better options available and better warranties. This will get you a better machine, especially if you are planning on moving the machine around a lot. Consumer laptops are normally going to be plastic and have a plastic frame (if anything), and that is more likely to cause trouble.

Just something else to keep in mind.