Update on the Downed Barn

Just a short update on the downed barn.

The entire thing has been buried and today should be the last day for leveling off the whole area with the dirt from the hole that was dug. From here things will move a little more slowly but this it the general outline:

  • Remove the attempted vineyard starting this weekend. This requires manually clipping the tension wires and removing all of the wires and posts before the disk (or plow) can be taken through and the ground prepped for next spring’s planting.
  • Last night the discussion revolved around how to orient the new machine shed on the property. The main issue is that we don’t want put the new shed over the top of the (deep) hole that the barn is now buried in. There is going to be quite a bit of settling over the next years and we do not want a new machine shed to be sinking into the hole. So, figure that out and get started on the new building will take a few months.
  • Harvest is coming … I guess.

That’s about it at the moment. Having a large-enough machine shed will be a huge upgrade for the place and also set us up for expansion in the future. One thing I would like to do is map out the new building a little bit and maybe get a site plan started for what the future might bring.

That’s for next time.