The Rumored Retina 13″ MacBook Pro

Mac Rumors is reporting that the Retina displays for a new 13″ MacBook Pro are now in production, but I still have my worries about such a machine … and I’m a huge fan of the 13″ MacBook Pro.

  • Are they going to bring a new case into play like the 15″ MacBook Pro with Retina display? If they do, what about battery life on such a device, or heat, or fitting the needed graphics power into such a machine?
  • This muddies the waters a little bit as far as my “clean MacBook lineup” idea of only the following: 11″ MacBook Air, 13″ MacBook Air, 15″ MacBook Pro, 17″ MacBook Pro … or something similar. Of course, the 13″ form factor is a great form factor, but the differentiation will be interesting. What will the Retina 13″ MacBook Pro NOT have in the future that the Pro will carry?
  • I’m still worried about the big three: battery life, heat, and video performance. Those were being pushed to the limit by the 15″ MacBook Pro with Retina display … will they be able to fit a quad-core processor with discreet graphics and still have decent battery life on the machine?

Still, I’d buy one.