WWDC 2012 Keynote Thoughts

I’m not going to rehash everything, so if you want to learn more about what Apple talked about yesterday you can follow these links:

I recommend watching the Keynote, you’ll get the information you desire from there. I’ll close this out with some thoughts:

  • Ping is dead … long live Facebook integration?
  • How much longer can the 13″ MacBook Pro hang on!? Someone must be throwing 13″ 1280×800 screens at Apple because they didn’t even bump up the resolution to the 13″ Air’s 1440×900. I can come up with many reasons why it is still in the lineup, but each update just makes it painfully more obvious that the 13″ MacBook Pro is the strangest laptop in the lineup.
  • Here is how I see the Retina MacBook lineup coming down to: 11″ MacBook Air, 13″ MacBook Air, 15″ MacBook Pro and … that’s it? Pixel-doubling/quading on all of them and simplifying the lineup. In this case I’d like to see the “Air” moniker dropped so it is back to just MacBook and MacBook Pro, but I’m strange. I get the feeling that next-year’s MacBook Air refresh will see the Retina display. Anyone have the Intel roadmap on-hand to see when that might happen?
  • If/when the Air goes Retina … I can see the 15″ MacBook Pro getting an updated Retina display that pixel-doubles the 1680×1050 resolution instead of the 1440×900. Smooth transition up with sizes from the Air to the Pro. Right now it is all about economics.
  • No desktop updates (Mac Prop non-announcement doesn’t count) so there has to be something coming for that. Even a processor bump would be appreciated for the Mac mini and iMac (again, I’m not talking about the Mac Pro). Of course, we have the Mountain Lion release coming up in July so maybe they are holding onto something for that.
  • Mountain Lion and iOS 6 both look like nice updates. Really not much to say here.

That’s it. Anything else I write on the WWDC Keynote will be more specific than this.