Recently I followed a link to and was intrigued by what I saw.


Not just the icon, which is nice, but the actual app itself. Go ahead and check out the site for more accurate information, but basically it comes down to this:

  1. Download the file
  2. Unarchive it
  3. Move to your /Applications folder
  4. Start up the app
  5. Profit!?

That’s it. You then have a fully-functioning install of PostgreSQL 9.1+ for your Mac. To update, you go ahead and download the next version, shut off the currently-running one, and then move the new one over to /Applications again.

Super nice.

There is a ton more information at their documentation page, so head on over to find out more. This is a HUGE win as far as simplicity when installing PostgreSQL so that you can begin work on applications for Heroku (who just announced their free development database built on PostgreSQL 9.1). Head on over and try it out.

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Sweet. Thanks for sharing. 100% easier then rolling by hand, 50% easier then brew install for sure too.

That sounds about right from my estimation.

I like the move to make tools simpler to install and easier to use. This is a great example of just that.

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