George Lucas is an Idiot

I used to worship George Lucas because of the original Star Wars Trilogy.

However, I don’t think there is another person who has fallen out of favor with me as far as Lucas has over the years. It started with The Phantom Menace and has only gotten worse.

This article (from /Film), though, cements the decline as inexcusable. Here is the pertinent quote for you:

Entertainment blogger David Poland recalls Lucas’ comment on Wednesday at the Publicist’s Guild luncheon: “George Lucas, giving the award to Sid Ganis, who was the in-house publicist on Star Wars: Episode Five – The Empire Strikes Back, said, ‘Sid is the reason why The Empire Strikes Back is always written about as the best of the films, when it actually was the worst one.’”

Empire as the worst one? THE WORST ONE!? You’ve got to be kidding me.

No wonder the prequels were so terrible.