Relying on Bad

Brad Frost is worried about what an iPad 3 with a “Retina Display” will mean for the web. Here is the opening paragraph:

The iPad3’s Retina display is causing problems for apps who have to deal with Apple’s 20MB limit on app size. You know the web is in trouble when even the native apps are struggling with the gigantic Retina screen.

He has many good points in the rest of the article so go and read it. My first thought, however, was … we’ve been relying on bad technology to keep the web going for too long. Low dpi screens have allowed the web to continue to use low dpi images and now the day of reckoning is upon us.

Things are changing fast in technology and especially the web. I haven’t been able to keep up, but we are going to need to increase the pace of advancement in order to keep things afloat.

Just don’t add more JavaScript.

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