2 thoughts on “Gizmodo on the iPad”

  1. I agree with them.. while the ipad is still great, the new one is not something revolutionary, just an incremental half assed update, ipad 2s?. While I do understand apple’s business model, and why they make these decisions, it is just hard when the company that is sell proclaimed to be revolutionizing technology is purposely not, because it is not fiscally ideal. RUN ON SENTENCES!

    1. So you want a company to lose money with the products they sell? You want them to bend space and time in order to provide technology that is not currently available?

      That is what I see them asking for. Losing money doesn’t make better products, losing money gives you half-baked products to pump the ecosystem and then incentivize companies to abandon their older products so that they can sell you a newer, lower-priced model and eek out a little bit more money from you. That doesn’t make a good product.

      I’m not sure what people are expecting: half-baked Android tablets that there is no decent software for? We have enough of those on the market already. ­čśë

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