Complaining About Progress

Peter-Paul Koch has posted about the problems now being brought to light with the new iPad for both native apps and the mobile web.

I’ve gone over this before.

It makes me very sad to see people bemoaning consumer-facing improvements in a device just so that we don’t have to deal with problems we have been ignoring for a LONG time. The web has pretty much been content serving terribly compressed and downsized images as a hack around poor bandwidth.

Guess what, those days are now coming to a close.

You can sit by and say:

I’m very afraid that exactly because of its excellence the Retina display will be a severe set-back for the mobile web, and maybe also for native iOS apps. Apple shouldn’t have ignored the fact that Moore’s Law doesn’t go for data connections.

Or you can take it as a challenge to figure out the best way to push things forward. High resolution displays on smaller devices MAKES THE DEVICE BETTER.

That’s really the only things that matters.

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It also means that iPad owners will realize how terrible the services they pay for really are. They’ll find that cell carriers and even their land line data connections are terrible. The websites they pay money for are giving them poorly made content. They’ll finally start complaining and demanding that everyone else improve along with the iPad.

Is it so bad to hope that is the case? That’s what I want to see.

You can see it a tiny little bit with the pricing of the LTE plans staying the same as the 3G packages and Verizon adding personal hotspot for no additional charge.

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