Changing a Light Bulb

We bought a new lamp for our porch, but a standard CFL light bulb (60w equivalent) sticks out over the top of the lamp shade.

While it looks kind of cool, that feeling will fade.

So I looked around for some smaller light bulbs to use in the lamp and I decided to give an LED bulb a shot. So I headed over to Amazon and settled on the EarthLED ZetaLux 2 Pro 7-Watt Warm White LED Light Bulb.

It’s on order and headed to our home here for Wednesday. The big test will be what my wife thinks of the light it gives off. She is a huge fan of the incandescent bulbs, and I tend to agree with her. I’m hoping that it will be close enough that we can slowly start introducing LED bulbs around the house as the price comes down.

I’ll report back later.