The World is Not What it Was

Andy Ihnatko has posted a reply to the recent cartoon over at The Oatmeal about piracy.

Whenever piracy comes up, I often think that one thing missed is that one side is wishing for a world we don’t currently have (free content available all the time for all) and the other is wishing for a world they thought they used to have (content only when we allow it to happen).

I tend to trend toward having no sympathy whatsoever for media companies who decide the the best way to make money is to double-down on making it harder for people to get what they want.

Regardless, this is ugly, and the people really getting hurt are the consumers who want to do the “right thing” and just want to watch their movies and shows. Can’t we all just get past this?

2 replies on “The World is Not What it Was”

All true. Also hurts future content creators. We’ll have the exact same situation that software creators have with software patents.

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