The “Short List” for Feb 2012

Go ahead and read my last “Short List” if you want to know what I am working from.


It’s time to look at my list again and do some revisions. It has been over six months and I’ve been playing a fair number of games during that time … but first, the ground rules:

  1. series can be a single entry if the games are linked in some way (e.g. Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 NOT Final Fantasy 3/6 and Final Fantasy 9
  2. must include games I’ve played through completely at least once
  3. the list is not in order of preference because I’m terrible at ordering things like this
  4. the list is strictly my opinion and I will be changing that opinion over time

Shall we?

Mass Effect series

Did you expect me to change this one? Still one of the best series of all time, and set in space (that’s awesome). With the third installment due in two weeks, I am excited to get back into this game and save Earth. I don’t think this series will be moving any time soon.

Dragon Age series

I’m including Dragon Age 2 here because I enjoyed it … a lot. Yes, it had its flaws (many), and it is nowhere near the game that Dragon Age: Origins was, but the game was ultimately very fun and I enjoyed the story because it was different. I hope that Bioware will gives this series the third installment that it deserves and that it will bring both of the main characters back into the story.

That would be epic.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask

This duo is not going anywhere. While it might have fallen from the #1 spot in my heart, there is no stronger tied games that you will find. Majora’s Mask is not just the same thing over again (like many sequels), but an entirely new adventure in an entirely new land with entirely new ways of interacting.

I’m hoping that Nintendo will redo Majora’s Mask like it has Ocarina of Time.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

I’ve already covered this game extensively, so there really isn’t much to get into. I think it is an amazing look at the Zelda universe and provides such a fun experience that it might be one of the few games that I play completely a second time.

Final Fantasy 3/6

There isn’t much to say that hasn’t been said. A huge cast of characters, epic story, truly evil villain, and amazing music all comes together in glorious 16 bits. If you haven’t played it, please go and play it.


My condolences to those who did not make the cut this time, but if the list gets much longer then the idea of it being short would go out the window. However, this will be ever-changing, so check back to see who makes the cut next time.