My Quick Review of Clear

Everyone else seems to be talking about Realmac Software’s newest app, Clear for iPhone, that I thought I should chime in with one of my quick reviews! I’ve only used it for the past day … but there really isn’t too much to the app that I’m pretty confident I have it nailed.

Feature-wise, you’ll be saying “meh” quite a bit. There is no syncing, no sharing, no times, no dates, no places, etc. This is simply a list app. You make lists, you sort lists, you mark things off of your lists and … well, that’s about it. If you are looking for a task management app, go somewhere else.

However, after the “meh”, if you just use it for lists, is where people get a little excited (maybe a little too excited). Clear has almost no buttons and the interaction design in the application is pretty great. Here are some things you can do:

  • Swipe right to mark an item as complete
  • Swipe left to delete an item
  • Pull down a little to create a new item at the top of your list
  • Pull down a lot to go “back”
  • Pull fingers together to go “back”
  • Push fingers apart between items to create a new item between items
  • Pull up to clear completed items
  • Tap and hold to grab an item and then move it where you want it

That’s all I’ve got right now. It is very pretty, has some nice sounds, and is fun to use.

That’s about it. There isn’t much more to the app which is going to limit its appeal to many people and I could see the interaction being quite tricky for some people. I know that buttons are considered a “hack” on touch screens by some, but they are an enlightened hack. Having the interaction explicit can be considered good as well.


It’s $0.99, you owe it to yourself to play with it. However, you’re probably going to go elsewhere after a day or two.