More Isn’t Always Better

I agree with almost every word Josh Pickett says over on his blog about education today (he writes from the UK). It is the classic idea that more isn’t always better. More time spent in school, more subjects covered, more tests, etc.

I still believe there is a base amount of “stuff” someone should learn in school, but we’ve really gone off the deep end when it comes to adding more courses, raising “standards”, and adding tests of all kinds to try and do what … churn out better test takers?

We don’t need kids working more, we need them working better. We don’t need more time in school, we need better time in school. We don’t need more homework handed over to kids, but better, more engaging, and probably LESS homework handed over to kids and MORE time given for them to pursue activities outside of the confines of the educational system.

4 replies on “More Isn’t Always Better”

True in so many aspects of today’s life. Applies to Education, Gov’t, business, web design, laws, etc, etc. We don’t need more, just better.

Problem: innovation is hard and stagnation is easy.

It’s easier to think if something isn’t working we just need to add more and it will be better. Sadly, that almost never is the case (except if you are dying of thirst … adding more water will be better in that case).

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