Little Things in Mountain Lion

Serenity Caldwall has written over at Macworld about Ten exciting changes in Mountain Lion.

I’m going to highlight some of my favorites so far:

  • Many computers, one account. If true, this could be awesome. It would bring about the idea of a networked identity that you would have access to from anywhere, and it will all be in iCloud. Is it going to be what I want? Probably not, but any time I can take my settings with me will be a huge win.
  • Multi-disk backup. Oh. Yes. If it can possibly handle a failover system where it will still backup to the one drive if the other is not present … oh, that will be awesome.
  • One-stop software updating. Probably the single most glaring omission in Lion right now is the fact that you have two different areas to get software updates from … and the line between them is not clear. Pulling everything together is a good idea and needed.

Read about the other seven because they might “tickle your fancy” more than these, but the above three are some of the little things that are getting me excited for Mountain Lion.