Backups with Backup

I’ve been manually making backups of my main web server for the past year and I finally got fed up with it and decided to get an automatic system set up again. I had used the Backup gem in the past and decided to do it again.

It did everything I wanted and more.

This is the basic setup:

  • Archive entire home folder so that I can grab all of my data and my client data as well
  • Grab my custom Apache configuration
  • Dump everything in MySQL
  • Gzip the whole thing
  • Move it over to my FreeNAS box on a dedicated ZFS dataset for web server backups
  • Send me an email when everything is complete (or, in the case of errors, send me an email then as well)
  • Do this once a day when I’m (supposed to be) sleeping

Hopefully I’ll wake up tomorrow morning to an email from my server and everything will be working well. Currently the size of a total backup sits at 234 MB, which is not bad. By my estimation, it will take me about a year to fill up my current dataset to the point where I will have to think about adding some storage.

I think I’m good for now.