What should RIM do?

As news of RIM’s co-CEO’s stepping down filters across the technology sphere, Ben Brooks had this to say as an idea for where the new CEO should start:

  1. Call a meeting of all top executives.
  2. Pull my iPhone 4S out and rest it gently on the table in front of me.
  3. Wait for dramatic effect.
  4. Fire anyone not patient enough to wait for me to speak first.
  5. Tell everyone left in the room that they have 3 months to bring me a working prototype that makes me want to use it over my iPhone. (While gesturing towards my iPhone already placed on the table.)
  6. Fire anyone that asks “How?”
  7. With everyone gone, hire a new executive team.

You can insert your own favorite phone at the moment, but I think it is a good place to start.  BB10 is DOA at the moment and they’re going to need a “killer product” (I hate that phrase) in order to bring any sort of mindshare back to their platform.

For now, it’s Andoird, iOS, and Windows Phone 7 as the top three development platforms for mobile. Blackberry needs more than an executive shakeup, they need a complete resurrection from their current zombie status.