Skyward Sword Day 6: Dragons!?

Whew, it is starting to really get good. After today’s post I’m going to be taking a break from the game for a day or two to take care of some work before getting myself back into it. I’m not at an ideal place, but it is good enough.

Let’s get started.


There is a lot left to do, but I won’t get into too much. Needless to say, you are going to find out what is underneath that center area in the forest, talk to the old lady again, get a robot (who loves Fi), find a windmill-thingy, find out what is in the massive cloud thing in the sky, go down, play a song, and then …

… one of the trials.

I failed once, and I’m probably going to fail again later on. You get no sword, and one hit is all that is needed for you to fail. Good luck. My advice: stay away from the light and just be careful. The second time was much easier. It is an interesting addition, a sort of mini-temple added to a mini-temple with its own puzzles and the like.

You then get to climb the Great Deku Tree, talk to a hermit, dive off of a cliff, follow some water-creature-thing, beat up a fish, learn how to fly out of the water, and then talk to a dragon. A small dragon, but a dragon nonetheless.

That’s a lot of stuff, and we are not even to the temple yet!


You then track back to the temple in the north, fetch some water, bring it back, heal the said dragon and then …


Poof. Big dragon gest to talk to you. Finally, you are allowed to enter the next temple to search out the first of the fires to cleanse your blade.

It took a while, but it was fun. Once again, the motion controls make everything just a little bit more challenging, but more fun at the same time. There are new enemies to attempt to defeat and new areas to explore. The Great Deku Tree was kind of cool because you were able to climb up, and up, and up, and finally see the whole of the forest. Nice touch.

Like I said above, I will see what the next temple brings in a couple of days, but I’m still amazed by what I have seen so far and the game just keeps getting better and better. Very impressed.