Skyward Sword Day 10: Moving Back

What a wild ride. I was expecting to only spend an hour or so working through a temple and I ended up playing past midnight and moving the plot along farther than I had first imagined. Whew.


I went back to Lake Floria and retrieved the basin I needed, mistakenly thinking that I would just fly back to Eldin Volcano and head up to the save point I had found … but then I was sent back to the beginning of the mountain ascent and needed to get myself to the top.

The fun part is that I had my carrier robot badgering me the whole time. I only needed to replay two areas four times before I could get all the ay through (I’m getting better with the sword, really …). After that it was easy enough to have him douse the frog and let me in.

On to the Fire Sanctuary!

Fire Sanctuary

Once again, great temple that revolves around being able to dig underground and use drops of water from a certain plants to open up new paths and defeat giant hands of magma …


Yes, that’s correct. Just watch out for them.

Boss battle was difficult, but I was able to get through with only a single heart potion! YAY! Finally, the final fire gave me the … duh duh duuuuuuh … Master Sword! Well, close to it at least.

Time to head back to the Sealed Temple and engage the Gate of Time and meet up with my friend, Zelda.

Of course, when you get there, you need to beat the monster back into the ground and seal it shut … again. This is getting quite annoying. After that, you find out that the monster is actually Demise, evil incarnate really. I’ve stored that away for future reference.

After that battle you head back up and engage the Gate of Time.

Gate of Time

You head on through and find yourself in the WAY past and you find out that … hey, Zelda is actually the mortal incarnation of the goddess Hylia! Well, you learn something new everyday.

After some more prose she seals herself in the past in order to seal Demise more securely and give Link time to go and seek out the Triforce so that Demise can be defeated once and for all.

Now the adventure really begins for a third time!

That’s where I’m at. Zelda is frozen in a diamond to keep Demise put in the future and now I need to find the Triforce. I’ve taken Day 11 off, so I’ll be back soon with more information later.

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