No Smaller iPad

The rumors of a smaller iPad are swirling again, as they did when Samsung released their first Tab to the wild. This time it is fueled, mostly, by the introduction of the Amazon Kindle Fire and its supposedly great holiday sales. We’ll never know because Amazon doesn’t break down Kindle sales by type.

None of that really matters because I don’t see Apple releasing a smaller iPad. I just can’t see it and here are the reasons why:

  • the keyboards are terrible
  • landscape is essentially useless
  • no historical trend of differently sized iOS devices (iPod Touch and iPhone are 3.5″, iPad is 9.7″)

I think that’s it. When the iPad was released, it wasn’t touted as a device for you to just sit there and consume … at least that is not how Apple sees it. The Kindle Fire IS exactly that, that’s how it was originally introduced. It’s a window into Amazon’s services.

I just don’t see it yet, but in the end, who knows. All I know is that there is an education-themed event in New York City on January 19th that I will be paying attention to. Until then, it’s all just speculation.

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Yup, I just don’t see it. They’re NOT going to go to a widescreen layout because the 4:3 layout works best at both landscape and portrait and it fits a page so much nicer (especially my technical manuals).

I just don’t get what people are smoking.

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