What is a computer?

Here is a quote from Matt Gemmell in an article called Low Expectations about the PC industry:

The keyboard, touchpad and screen are the computer …

Really he is harping on a review of one of the new laptops coming out from Samsung. In it, he hits on something that is often overlooked when reviewing a computer: how you interact with the thing.

Actually, it is probably something we overlook in many aspects of our lives. We are constantly interacting with objects, but is the interaction designed for humans or is it designed for other goals: profitability (poor quality, cheap materials, etc.) or machines (overly complicated) for example?

Bringing it back around, when you are looking at purchasing a computer, are we finally at a point where we can make our decision on what to buy on how the computer looks and feels? How it is designed and how well it is built instead of how much horsepower they were able to sneak into a 2 inch case?

I hope so.