Miyamoto Stepping Aside

UPDATE POSTED HERE – Slight Retraction: Miyamoto Stepping Aside

Head on over to Ars Technica to read about Miyamoto stepping aside at Nintendo from his current duties to focus on smaller projects.

While he’s not leaving Nintendo (thank goodness), it does bring a tinge of sadness to see him pulling back from the large-scale projects of the Mario and Zelda franchises. Needless to say, I’m a HUGE Legend of Zelda fan, and I hope that whatever team is working on the next installment can still bring him over to give them feedback.

In the “glass half full” category, having him able to work on smaller projects might be exactly what both him and Nintendo needs to propel the company into the next decade and I wish him the best of luck. Stepping aside to let younger developers take over can be a hard thing, but it is something that needs to happen at every company.