Breaking a Twitter Habit

Drawing inspiration from Mr. Hess once again, I’m going to try breaking a bad (read: terrible) Twitter habit that I have had since Tweetie for Mac (now Twitter for Mac) was release a long time ago.

I’m going to relegate my Twitter consumption to my mobile devices.

I’ve deleted Twitter for Mac from the work iMac and my MacBook Pro and will no longer have them open during the day when I am working. When I want to catch up on Twitter, I have two options: iPhone or iPad.

Well overdue on my end.







2 responses to “Breaking a Twitter Habit”

  1. Perry Lund Avatar
    Perry Lund

    Bob, are you following a bit of GTD philosophy in that regard? I think the original electronic habit is email. GDT would say check it 3 times a day – like 8 am, 12 noon and 4 pm. And leave your mailbox cleaned up (Inbox empty). I am trying to do that as best I can. My wife on the other hand… well, she is working on it. Thanks for sharing the Twitter habit change.

    1. Bob Martens Avatar

      Sadly, I don’t know enough about GTD to say if I’m following it or not. Another thing I just killed is Reeder as well, my RSS feed reader. It’s a matter of trying to move my distractions to my mobile devices to limit the number of times I look at them a day.

      Instapaper is already there.

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