Being There is Half the Battle

Barry Hess, a “local” Ruby programmer, posted about his experience with the Ruby Users of Minnesota. I’ve attended a number of meetings there as well and my experience, so far, matches much of his … just put a few years into the future since I didn’t attend until 2010. This quote is the one that really stuck out to me:

It turns out being there is well over half the battle.

I can attest that this is true. I have yet to present, but I have met more than a few people just by attending, and this is without any discernible programming skill. I always have a great time up there and enjoy the opportunity to just be around really smart people.

I always hope that some of their “smartness” rubs off on me.

So, get out there and get involved with your local user groups and communities, you’ll never regret it.

I use “local” in quotations because I drive 2+ hours to get to the meetings. Like I said, it is still worth it.

2 replies on “Being There is Half the Battle”

I think this is the essence of learning any skill or entering any sort of “culture”. That’s impressive you drive over two hours, since we have people who live within walking distance of our user group who do not make the effort (it’s next to a college campus). Props to you.

No props needed, but thanks. I wish more people would just get out there because I think that the more people involved, the stronger the community. You find that same issue everywhere, though, no matter the community.

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