Declaring Tech News Bankruptcy

I think I have to declare tech news bankruptcy.

I’ve always tried to keep up with the latest information flowing from the tech arena, and it is part of my job, but I think I need to change some bad habits and get things under control again.

I could spend hours reading all of the articles that are published every day, keeping track of all of the latest technology being tossed about and following every juicy detail of every tech story. However, I can’t. I have a life and better things to do with it (having a family will do that to you).

So, starting tomorrow, I’m giving up on Hacker News. That’s where I’m starting. I spend too much time getting upset by commentators there, and not enough time actually doing stuff. That’s it, cold turkey, and removing it from my Top Sites screen in Safari right now. I’m done.

I’ll be cleaning out RSS pretty soon as well, but this is where I am starting.