The BBEdit Trial: The Future

So it has been almost two months since I started my trial of BBEdit (coinciding with the birth of Levi). Yesterday I spent an hour setting back up TextMate as my main text editor, spending most of the time going around GitHub and finding updated bundles and additions to it.

After it was all said as done, I was back using TextMate and feeling more productive.

This is not an indictment against BBEdit at all. BBEdit will be my editor-of-choice if/when TextMate becomes so outdated with Lion that I can’t stand to use it anymore (I’m close, but not THAT close). They’re dedicated to their software and support was phenomenal in answering any questions I might have had.

What it came down to is the tried and true excuse that I just felt more comfortable with TextMate and could get things done faster using the editor I was more comfortable with.

So, TextMate is still the present and who knows what the future would bring. I thank Bare Bones Software for their answers to my questions and for providing Mac users a great editor to use for so many years.