Missing “It”

I had an article at this past week title ‘Too many people flee’: A dispatch from New Ulm. It was unexpected to get asked to have my response posted, but I was more than happy to have my experience and thoughts shared with more people. That is what the internet is all about, and it is also why I post here as well.

I want to first thank everyone for their kind words and comments since it was posted. I like knowing that people have read what I’ve written, whether they agree or not.

One thing that did come up in the comments is the same old tired arguments as to why people move away from rural communities. The sad part is that I know why it is done, I just think that people give up way to quickly and are worse for it. The article wasn’t about that at all. It was about my experience and why I am staying and that I feel that too many people “flee” the area (rural communities, New Ulm specifically). They missed it.

So, thanks again to everyone for reading and their comments. It happens to be a subject very near and dear to my heart and something I will be writing about more in the future.