Choosing a Tool

When my brother-in-law helped me build my workbench, I didn’t have a drill. I was faced with the idea of spending $65 on a decent DEWALT corded drill, but balked and decided that a $25 Black & Decker from Target would work just fine. I learned a valuable lesson (again) about not being afraid to pay a little money for decent tools.

We built the workbench, but I quickly returned the Black & Decker drill and just this last week picked up the $65 DEWALT model and used it for a few projects around the house with no problems. I was stalling, hoping that I could find a MEGA DEAL to save myself a little money, but I just needed to get the drill and now I am satisfied (finally).

I should have spent the extra money and purchased the better tool. It would have saved me time and it would have made things easier (the trigger on the cheaper drill was terrible and it had almost no control over speed). Having decent tools is important not just with power tools or hand tools, but with your programming tools and technology as well (since technology is a tool as well).

There really isn’t much to this post, but I finally just bit the bullet and purchased the better tool and got work done. Now I at least don’t have to think about what tools to purchase, I’ll be sticking with DEWALT for the foreseeable future.