For the past two weeks I’ve been in a sort of a “funk.” What I mean is that I really have not felt like myself and have had a very hard time focusing on the tasks I need to get done.

It doesn’t just end there. Where I would normally go through the day with thoughts dancing through my head of how to solve problems or ideas of what I could be doing during the rest of the day or ideas for websites I want to build or products I should be shipping. Frustrating.

It’s a funk, and I’m never quite sure how I can get myself out of one quickly or easily. Usually it requires copious amounts of caffeine and music as I force myself through it as I stay up late one night and push my way through the blocks. However, I’ve been drastically cutting my caffeine consumption, so my normal way of handling things wasn’t going to work.

One thing I have learned is that playing video games is not the beset route to take (for me). I finally finished up Dragon Age: Origins tonight, and looking back on it, it was a great game but I lament the amount of wasted time over the past couple of weeks. The hours I spent working my way through the game probably could have been better spent actually building something.

One thing I found out, as well, is that my mind tends to shut off key parts of my brain as I play video games. The creative part of my brain completely turns off as I work to logically figure out what the rules are for the game and exploit them as best I can. Not helping the situation much there.

For me, games are a good distraction but when I get too engrossed in them I waste a lot of time. Wasting time isn’t good.

My hope is that tomorrow’s MinneBar will help me break through some of my funk. I’m going to be going iPad-only to the event so we will see how that goes. Should be a lot lighter pack compared to last year. There are a lot of really great talks going on, so hoping to catch lightning in a bottle to help me break through the barrier.