Simplifying a Toolset

I tried working with Balsamiq Mockups today to see if I could incorporate it into my workflow for webpage design. Mainly I use paper + Sharpie as my toolset of choice for design mockups before I jump straights into HTML + CSS to get a working mockup.

I’m happy with how things work right now but I was wondering if a more digital tool would benefit me at all.

I’m sure it works wonderfully for other people, but I find that I’m too picky when working with a digital tool. I tend to try and get everything to line up properly, and spend more time crafting the mockup than I probably should. Balsamiq was no different. I spent maybe thirty minutes trying to put together a single webpage mockup and ended up trashing it

On the other hand, I spent maybe ten minutes with a couple of pieces of paper and some colored Sharpies to put together a few design mockups and come to some quick conclusions on what would and would not work (for those interested, why looking at the difference between three or four wells for content).

What does this mean? Not much. I just find that the simpler my toolset, the more I end up using it.

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