Getting Work Done: The Six Types of Working Genius

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Moving into a new role can be intimidating, and moving into a new leadership role maybe more so. However, no matter what is going on personally, the work needing to be done and the complexity around those projects continues to increase. As such, it is an imperative to find a way to structure the work needing to be done in such a way to excite, engage, and energize the people we are asking to lead and work with. The Six Types of Working Genius is the Table Group’s attempt to help teams organize their work in such a way to help keep people energized with the work at hand and to keep things moving forward.This session will offer a overview of the model, walk through each type of Working Genius, and offer anecdotes around how it is being utilized to help energize the work being done with technology at Martin Luther College.

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GusDay 2022

BrainStorm 2023

2023 Lutheran College Conference

CACUBO 2023 Annual Conference